Education Associates

As a former educator and through my association with the NEA (National Education Association), I know the education community is comprised of so many different jobs and responsibilities. Whether you work as a teacher, food service individual, bus driver, librarian, or one of the many other jobs in the education community, I want to ensure you feel comfortable with your financial life, understand your savings and retirement options, and have insight into the impact of decisions you may need to make regarding your finances.

When we work together I will:

  • Learn what is important to you, your future, your family, and your financial well-being.
  • Ensure transparency and will walk through all your options, including the pros and cons of each.
  • Guide using my knowledge and experience with others in the education sector in situations similar to yours.
  • Talk about retirement plan options, how much to you should consider saving, and how to take your savings and move smoothly into retirement.
  • Be responsive to your questions and ensure you have the answers you need.

My NEA association provides insight into your school district’s benefits. This allows us to fully discuss ways to maximize all your benefits, including those outside your retirement savings options.

When you are ready to retire, I am here to help you get the most from your savings and minimize the potential impact of taxes.

Being in the education community, you know the positive impact knowledge can have. We will work together to ensure you have the knowledge, insight, and understanding that fits your style.

Reach out today! Let’s create a plan exclusive to the life you want to lead now and into your future.

Let's talk about your retirement goals and dreams 

Thank you!