Giving Back Is Important

When I became an advisor, I knew I wanted to do more than help people with their finances. I also wanted to support the types of programs that were not readily available when I was growing up including

Supporting Local Organizations

Check out how we're joining the Everett Silvertips goaltender, Tyler Palmer, in saving donations for the Faith Food Bank during the holiday season!

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Childhood Hunger

Growing up I understood what an important role food played in a child’s life. Going hungry affects so much more than an empty stomach. Good nutrition makes a difference in a child’s energy level, bones and teeth, alertness, maintaining a healthy weight and preventing chronic disease.

Safe Places for Battered Women and Children

No one should live in fear for their safety and the protection of their children. Knowing there is a haven in times of physical and mental distress has saved lives. I want every woman to know there are financial, physical, and mental resources available to them.

Below are organizations we support.